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Google Changes Means Global Paradigm Shift – Maybe!!!!

December 7, 2009 by · 3 Comments
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magglassLast Friday, Google made a major announcement that in my opinion, will change how SEO rankings will be developed AND deployed for everyone on the planet, it seems. And that’s got me worried and upset with this paradigm shift and what this will mean for all of us involved in SEO campaigns too!

First, the actual notice of this change in how Google will display results for a search, for all searches done by them is here

Watch that video and also read the copy there too for this announcement…and let me recap what you’ve just taken in.

Google is from last Friday, for all of us, now offering up “better” search results to one and all, as a default, ie you have to do not a blessed thing to get these search results that are now based on the past 180 days of previous Google searches ON THAT COMPUTER. Yes, that’s right, Google will store your own searches over that timespan and note same in an “anonymous” cookie stored on your computer to use to “customize” searches yet to come. So make no error here in judgement, Google searches have just changed for you and me and one and all! And how will that affect your own SEO campaign? Hmmm…..

Well to me, it’s pretty apparent that Google is somehow trying, in their own way, to actually “make” searches better for a global audience, but that can spell troubles to us SEO types who earn better serp rankings for our clients (or ourselves) by putting PPC campaigns into a big upward surge. By that I mean that say that if you do a search say for say “GTA golf courses” and then choose to drill down on the top say 5 or 6 links…that these are “stored” in your Web History. This history is now controlled by Google via that anonymous cookie on your computer and that means that should you ask again say a few months later, that those 5 or 6 will most likely maintain their top positions because you’ve already chosen them. Established sites rule, plain and simple.

Sound fair to you? Well, maybe, but in fact think for a second then about that brand new terrrific golf course that just has it’s website built and will try to get some traction in that channel with Google. To me, then as I read this announcement — I have read more than a dozen different forums where we SEO types chat as well as over 40 URL links to other blogs on this topic, that the sites up at the top of their channel rankings WILL MAINTAIN to a large degree, their positions, and the new-to-that-channel websites will never ever climb into that top echelon of rankings.

And that I think is the most unfair part of all of this and anyone (who sees things the same way I do) will PPC their way onto page 1 no matter what personalization goes on, they’ll still be on page 1. Organic SEO then has really taken a hit….and that’s a real shame as the ROI for this type of an SEO campaign has always proven itself…till now anyways!

So, are we all ‘caught’ by this new personalized search change by Google?

Well, my head says no, but my heart knows differently, and let me explain. Google does allow you to “opt out” of this new functionality, by making changes to your own account within Google. You’ll need to be able to do the following: after you do that search for “GTA golf courses,” you will need to go up to the top right hand corner and click on Web History, where you’ll move to a new page that will allow you to click on Disable Customizations. This will turn off the personalized search function by deleting that anonymous cookie (which you can also do using your browser’s Internet Options as per normal) so my head knows that there is a way to opt out.

But make no mistake, this new personalized search is turned on for everyone on the globe, by default. If you wish to opt out, you must do so, else personalized search is turned on. And there’s a real hidden item to ponder….you will need something past what I’d call basic computer skills to be able to do the opting out, as well as simply being aware that this should be done too…and that is pretty important in it’s own right…sigh…my heart knows better, eh?

O, and one note of caution on this turning off of the personalized search functionality, that this is based on your computer, and that single cookie. If you turn this off you turn it off for the whole computer, including everyone else who uses it, meaning that say you pop into your local library, or internet cafe….and use that computer, which a lot of other people have been using. Your search then may well be based on other peoples search preferences and for us SEO types, the game has changed once more, eh?

And that is not such a “personalized” benefit at all, now is it Google? 

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3 Responses to “Google Changes Means Global Paradigm Shift – Maybe!!!!”
  1. Camella Lobo says:

    Hi Jim–

    It’s true that you can always opt out of search personalization, which is great for SEOs doing research, but once you clear your cookies you’re automatically opted back in.

    I just wanted to let you know about a Firefox extension we developed that auto blocks search personalization. We’re trying to get the word out to SEOs so if you’d like to write a review of the plug-in just let me know.

    If not, feel free to download it anyhow! Hopefully it alleviates some of the frustration of having to keep changing your account settings every time you delete your cookies. Thanks!

  2. Jim says:


    thanks for the link, tho I don’t use FF very much (other than to test cross-browser coding that is) I did take a quick look/see…and it does appear to be a nicely crafted tool!

    too bad someone can’t make same for IE 7/8, eh?




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