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Our SEO Rationale…

November 15, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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seo-iconYou know, I do know SEO….that’s Search Engine Optimization and it’s a ever-changing set of tasks and searches that enables one to “push” a clients site up higher and higher in a search engine for certain key words. You need to have some real experience in developing those keywords by sitting ‘in’ for the potential web customer before you do very much at all. You need to understand how Google et al use their indexes and proprietary algos to operate their search responses. You need to have tested hundreds and hundreds and in our case thousands of methods to rank for those keywords for a client to even try to get up onto page 1. You need to both be able to hypothesize, then test, then analyze, then re-hypontesize, then re-test, then re-analyze….well that loop never ever changes…but for some of us that’s truly FUN!

You need to understand as much of the various say top 10 search engines history, how they operate and work, how efficient they are, how they react to both public and private comments, how they react to laws, statutes and issues in the legal field, how they look at us SEO practitioners and most of all, how they rank our client’s sites. You need to be able to gather up all this information, on a damn daily basis and process it in that big gray matter sphere above your shoulders and then come up with todays list of tasks….then another tomorrow based on what happened today…then another for the day after tomorrow based on what happened tomorrow…et al. It’s a never ever ending long long road, that you must push ahead at all the time, to perservere past the limits of your own knowledge and testing into areas that you’re unfamiliar with and still maintain both control and client rankings. And what’s supremely important to know, is that the “target” that you’re aiming at, ie these top 10 search engines change the rules often, for some like Google, it’s going to be daily in the new year….and that will make your ability to be successful all that much harder.

So, why’d I rant about this? Simple. It’s my pleasure to be a long time member of the web’s #1 SEO forum where I contribute as much knowledge as I can to the various others who come there for support and help….but I’m thinking that this just may be like peeing into the wind. From what I’ve seen in the past say 6 months, is that more and more and more “SEO practitioners” or folks who’d like to think they can ‘walk the walk,’ show up with that all too prevalent “get rich quick” series of short cuts, tricks, gimmicks, cons, scams, old long-past-the-best-before-date’ advice and they want immediate results and they want it NOW!

Boy, does that ever piss me off! I can NOT imagine why anyone would think this is easy. Or quick. Or a guarantee of succes…without lots and lots and lots of damn hard work. More than that, I’m actually almost pounding the desk, when I or some other members notice that the idiot asking the most basic of questions already advertises that he/they are SEO professionals with tons of experience and knowledge listed on their site….when just reading their questions shows they know nada, diddly and I mean not enough to sell Girl Guide cookies at a liquor store!

Makes me mad….makes me see red…makes my desk just that little bit more unstable….what is this world coming too, eh?

There is no way to “pre-warn” clients about these idiots…so they get what they think is an SEO practitioner and end up with just a paid up campaign with no results….sigh….surely not a good thing and for our whole SEO industry, no wonder clients have a sense of looking at us all with a raised eyebrow. At least our past campaigns and the serps that can not be denied work for us….it’s the best recommendation of all, eh!

So, bottom line? Simple really, if you ever look for an SEO practitioner do NOT hire same without seeing their past stats AND checking with their clients….personally!


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2 Responses to “Our SEO Rationale…”
  1. Herb Fleen says:

    Spot-on there! Feel exactly the same way and we have found that the number those get-rich-quick bozos grows each day too!



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