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Canadian Citations – Add ons…

November 16, 2009 by · 3 Comments
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mountieAfter a good run thru David Mihm’s pretty all-encompassing list of  Canadian Citations for LOCAL search, I thought that I’d retest them with regards of updating the list with some new “juicy” ones. First here’s his list (on his great Blog Mihmorandum!) — click here to read same! Great listing…but then I thought, hey maybe I should share some of our own too…hence this blog posting!

So what’d I learn from that list? All are great lists, and yes, IMHO, some are better than others. First off, the is still very authoritative for use for rankings and as was pointed out by Andrew Shotland over at LOCALSeoGuide — click here to read same – and this will give you an idea on where the rankings come from and what the numbers are….you’ll need this to be able to tell which ones carry the bestest juice, eh!

So, nuff of setup, what spots do we want to add to that great list? Well, here they are!

1]. BELL — okay, I hear you, and yes “touting” our national telecommunications company up here in the #1 spot can be somewhat of a challenge to some who hate MaBell, but this is solid SEO, honest. The reg is pretty easy, the site gathers lots of searches especially by what I’d call the “old school” biz types…but this one does pass juice, eh!

2]. CanadaONE – this one is run by the folks over at, another large canuck business organization, but the reg is free and there are some synergy bonuses within that site too. Great ‘other’ content IMHO and this one passes juice too!

3]. Canadian Environmental Directories — if you’re in the ‘green’ space this is a long long scrolling list of various databases, directories and business listers. Why did I include this one here? Simple, really. This whole ‘green’ arena is pretty new, just getting started and for the most part I’ve no idea as to what kind of juice these will pass….but if you ARE in the ecology world, you should look some of these over!

And lastly for a great read by Mike Blumenthal, on exactly how and which online directories pass details TO Google MAPS — click here to read this definitive post! Great info there, eh!

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3 Responses to “Canadian Citations – Add ons…”
  1. What about YPG?

  2. Jim says:

    Hi @Alex…..

    yes, you’ll need to test for same, but in our own tests for more than a dozen now LOCAL search clients, counts for nada. we can neither gain any traction from same nor get any ‘show-up’ levels for that citation….

    hence, either we’re doing it wrong, or they’re juiceless. I doubt that we’re doing it wrong as all the other clients have great citation notices, but then that leaves only that is juiceless…

    do you have any such clients/sites of your own that ARE showing same? let me/us all that’d mean that it’s us…;-(((



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